Who we are

We welcome you to visit our site and get to know us more and the various services we offer to our esteemed clients. Results are key to us and we always handle every project with the highest degree of competence and professionalism.

Our Vision

We are focussed on creating a reputable brand for Consistency, Efficiency and Dependability in Manpower recruiting and supply services in Africa and Middle East.Our policy is and has always been since winning is a team work , we help our clients and partners to win so that we can all be mutual winners while maintaining a three prong ethical business practice

  • Openness and Fairness to our candidates
  • Dedication & Commitment to meeting our client's requirements
  • Honesty & Transparency with our Partners

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of human resource services to all sectors of business and industry across all geographic regions around the globe.

Our Guiding Principle

We shall always endeavour to do all that we promise and never promise that which we shall not endeavour to do.

Our Service Motto

Building Trust through service with honesty and integrity

Our Core Values

We religiously uphold certain values that form the basis of our business practice. These values include:

<> Honesty and openness

<> Client focus

<> Teamwork

<> Professional integrity

<> High ethical standards

<> Creativity & innovativeness

<> A relentless pursuit of excellence

<> Value for money

Our Code of Ethics and Principles:

  • We DO NOT take any money from candidates we have not helped or from those we cannot help.
  • We DO NOT overcharge the candidates. Fees charged are highly affordable and determined by the direct costs of recruitment process
  • We DO NOT invite candidates to register for non-existent jobs
  • We DO NOT withhold from the candidates any information relating to the nature of jobs, terms and conditions.
  • We DO NOT discrimate any eligible candidates on the basis of race, gender or religious beliefs.

Our commitment to the best labour practices

Labour Frontiers International (U) Ltd LFI always advocate for the best labour practices that enhance the dignity of work and upholds the general principles that perpetuate a legal and productive employer - employee relationship.



We would like to hear from
. HR Managers
. Recruiting Consultants
. Talent Acquisition Specialists
. Individuals
Who would like to partner with us in placement of African Manpower in the Gulf Region

Contact Us on : partner@lfi-uganda.com